Wasp Pest Control and Nest Removal in Dublin, Malahide & Portmarnock

Have you noticed signs of wasps’ nest at your home or business premises? Call us immediately for a wasp nest removal!

Although wasps are considered as beneficial insects for the environment, they’re also a danger to humans and pets as a stinging pest once they build nests near the areas where we live and work.

Not only can wasps deliver a painful sting, they can also become aggressive if they feel threatened, causing them to swarm. Even if you’re not allergic to a wasp’s sting, repeated stings from multiple wasps can result in anaphylaxis, causing the body to go into shock.

If you’ve identified a wasp nest in or near your home, call House and Home Pest Control, a wasp specialist in Dublin, immediately to arrange specialist removal of the nest.

Wasp Nest Removal in Dublin

How to Tell the Difference Between a Wasps’ Nest and a Beehive

One of the easiest ways to tell wasps and bees apart is their shape and appearance; bees are usually more rounded and ‘hairy’, whereas wasps are narrow-wasted, shiny and smooth.

Another difference is in how they build their nests or hives:

  • A wasps’ nest will usually be grey or light brown in colour, made up of the pulp from dead wood, and circular in shape.
  • Beehives usually have tell-tale hexagon shapes.

Although bees are naturally less aggressive than wasps, they can still pose a significant health risk to humans if their hive is disturbed. As a result, any groups of wasps or bees near living areas should be removed as quickly as possible.

Why risk your family’s safety and wellbeing? Get in touch with us today in Dublin for an effective wasp and bee removal service.

Wasp Specialist in Dublin

Wasp Nest Removal Across the Dublin, Meath, and Louth Regions

Wasps can pose a real danger to humans if they feel threatened and become aggressive.

Even if you’re not allergic to their sting, repeated stings from multiple wasps can result in anaphylaxis which can be fatal – that’s why you should never try to remove or destroy a wasp nest yourself, always call a wasp specialist or wasp exterminator.

At House and Home Pest Control, we’re expertly trained in wasp nest removal – including the nests created by the paper wasp, the black wasp, and the executioner wasp.

If you suspect you may have a nest near your home, or frequently spot large numbers of wasps close to your living areas, then call wasp pest control to make an appointment for an inspection.

As a wasp specialist, We’ll ensure any wasp nest is removed quickly to ensure the safety of your family and others living in your home!

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