Where do you provide pest control services?

We provide services to homes and businesses in Dublin, Meath & Louth.

How long will it take for the pest control treatment to work?

This will depend on the treatment and the extent of your infestation; however, all our solutions are highly effective within two to three days of installation.

What if I still have pests after your third visit?

Sometimes, stubborn infestations may require more than three visits. The good news is we are wholly committed to eradicating your pests, and if needed, we will include a fourth and a fifth visit for the same initial quoted price to ensure your home or business is pest free.

How can I prevent mice and rats in my home?

Expert proofing is essential to ensure mice and rats can’t gain entry to your home. Common entry points include holes, gaps and cracks in pipes, walls and under doors, and in attics where pests have come from a neighbouring property. If you find evidence of mice or rats in your home, call House & Home Pest Control straight away to arrange a rapid pest control treatment and proofing of your home to help prevent pests returning in the future.

I have bed bugs – what should I do?

In the first instance, never place your suitcase on your bed to unpack! Bed bugs are commonly transported from your hotel bed via your suitcase, so placing your suitcase in the bathroom or another tiled area can prevent them taking up residence in your bed mattress, carpet seams and more. If you suspect you have bed bugs, please call House & Home Pest Control to arrange a complete pest control treatment to eradicate bed bugs from your home and allow you to get a good night’s sleep!

My pet sits on our sofa – how can I prevent fleas?

If you have a pet, fleas will be an ongoing issue unless your pet has a regular flea treatment. There are a variety of flea treatments available that are safe for your pet and can be found from your vet or local pet store. If your pet has fleas, you run the real risk of a flea infestation in your home. This can result in red, itchy bites and a rash which can become infected if not properly cared for. If you suspect your home has fleas, please call us straight away to arrange a flea treatment for your home.

How do I remove a wasp nest from my home?

You should never try to remove or destroy a wasp nest as wasps can become aggressive if threatened. We are specially trained to destroy and remove wasp nests; we use specialist equipment and protective clothing for each job. Within 24 hours of the initial pest treatment, we will return to your home or business to remove the nest entirely.

Do you provide pest control services for businesses?

Yes, we provide pest control services for warehouses, offices, industrial units and schools. We do not however provide pest control services for premises that serve food or include areas for food consumption.

Do you provide contract pest control services for businesses?

We provide contract pest control services for warehouses, offices, industrial units and schools to prevent pest infestations. Contract services are offered on the basis of a four, six or eight visit contract every six weeks.

“James is a true professional he went above and beyond to help us when we had an issue. Having a fear of pests myself, James put my mind at ease and addressed the situation and now we can relax knowing its dealt with. We have the comfort to knowing now we have him to deal with if any issues should arise in the future.”

Joelene Scully

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