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We provide services to homes and businesses in Dublin, Meath & Louth.

House & Home

If pests are a problem in your home, you can trust House & Home Pest Control to find the right solution to free your home from unwanted guests. Sometimes it can take several visits from a pest controller to totally eradicate pests from your home; when you choose House & Home Pest Control, you can be assured that no matter how many times we have to return to your home, we will get the job done at the price we have quoted with no hidden fees.

Our pest control services include:

• Baits and traps
• Proofing
• Spraying
• Wasp nest removal

Baits and traps

Insect Baits & Traps

Baits and traps are regularly used for pests such as mice and rats. Before we decide upon a pest control strategy for your home, we will first determine how the mice or rats are getting into your home and the extent of the infestation. Baits are typically used for larger, longer term pest infestations and can take some days to have an effect, while traps are a quick solution that rids your home of an errant mouse or rat. Keep in mind that rats are neophobic – afraid of anything new – so they will be suspicious of a newly set trap and may take a little longer to be attracted to the trap’s bait. After we place the bait or trap and proof your home for pest access points, we will return within two to three days and again after one week to ensure our pest control solution is working effectively.

Price: As Quoted


Pest Proofing Experts Dublin

Proofing is a vital component of any pest control service; without it, rats and mice will continue to gain access to your home. Proofing involves blocking holes and other entry points that could provide pests with an access point to your home. We will inspect your home from top to bottom for cracks, broken pipes and gaps around electrical cables.

Given the importance of proofing to the success of eradicating mice and rats from your home, we automatically include proofing as part of our service for pest control of rats and mice .

Price: As Quoted


Spraying Solutions Dublin
If fleas or bed bugs are driving you crazy, House & Home Pest Control can provide you with a quick and effective solution that rids your home of these tiny yet maddening insects. First, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your home to understand the extent of the bed bug or flea infestation then carefully apply spray to the areas the insects like to inhabit.

When you choose House & Home Pest Control, you can trust us to get the job done for the price we have quoted, giving you peace of mind that your home will be free from bed bugs, fleas or other pests.

Price: As Quoted

Wasp nest removal

Wasp Nest Removal Experts Dublin
Wasps can pose a real danger to humans if they feel threatened and become aggressive. Even if you are not allergic to their sting, repeated stings from multiple wasps can result in anaphylaxis and can even be fatal. That’s why you should never try to remove or destroy a wasp nest yourself.

We are expertly trained in wasp nest removal . Using specialist equipment and protective clothing, we penetrate the nest and inject it with insecticide, killing the wasps in the nest over the next 24 hours.

Price: As Quoted

Commercial & Business

Commercial & Business Pest Control Services
If pests are a problem in your business, you can trust House & Home Pest Control for a tailored solution that eradicate pests from your premises.

Our personal service and in-depth expertise will provide you with confidence that an effective and lasting pest control solution can be found for your pest problem at a reasonable price.

We provide pest control solutions for warehouses, industrial units, offices and commercial premises.

Rats and mice are a common issue for businesses, damaging stock, transmitting disease and distressing staff and customers. We can quickly and effectively eradicate rats and mice from your premises with a tailored approach to baiting and/or traps. We will also conduct a visual inspection of your premises to identify key points of entry and proof your premises to help prevent rats and mice returning in the future.

House & Home Pest Control also offers pest control services to rid your premises of insects such as fleas and bed bugs. Our thorough approach will ensure a tailored solution is applied to eradicating pests from your business.

We are also experts in wasp nest removal, relieving your staff and customers of the anxiety associated with wasps and wasp stings. We use specialist equipment and protective clothing to penetrate the wasp nest, injecting it with insecticide to kill the wasps within the following 24 hours. We then return to your business the next day to remove the nest entirely.

Find out how we can support your business with effective pest control services. Please contact James for a quote today.

Contract Services

Contract Pest Control Services Dublin

Enjoy peace-of-mind with contract pest control services from House & Home Pest Control. With ongoing pest control support, you can protect your business from pest infestations.

Our contract pest control services are ideal for warehouses, industrial units, offices and commercial premises where rats and mice pose a continuing threat. Contract services provide you with year-round confidence that your stock and premises are protected against the damage rats and mice can cause, and the anxiety pests can create amongst staff and customers.

Contract services are offered on the basis of a four, six or eight visit yearly contract. We will inspect the bait boxes to ensure they are working effectively, and survey your premises to ensure access points are blocked and filled to prevent pests returning in the future.

To find out more about our contract pest services, please contact James for a quote today.

“I really highly recommend James. We had some unwanted large rodent visitors living in and underneath the garden shed. I was afraid to go into the garden! James came, calmed me down, made me laugh, sorted it all out in a few visits and peace has been restored at home. He also charged less than another major company quoted. A professional, fuss free, discreet and friendly service from James. Thanks again.”

Sinéad Flannery

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