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Ant Control Services in Dublin

Ant Control Dublin Experts

Seeing a few small ants in your home can often point to a much larger problem.

Thanks to their small size, large numbers and complicated social structure, controlling ants can often be a continuous battle. DIY ant treatments and insecticide sprays used as pest control for ants may be effective in the short-term, but they rarely solve the problem completely.

At House and Home Pest Control, we have the experience and the effective treatments to find and eliminate ant colonies for good, so you can get back to enjoying your home.

Professional Ant Control That Works

At House & Home Pest Control, our pest management professionals have the advanced tools and training to effectively locate and destroy ant colonies. We use a combination of proven treatments to get rid of ants at the source and prevent future infestations:

  • Targeted Baiting – We use slow-acting bait formulas that worker ants collect and bring back to the hidden nest to eliminate queens and larvae.
  • Crack & Crevice Treatment – We inject insecticides into cracks, holes, and other nesting areas ants use to access your home. This creates a protective barrier against future invasions.
  • Perimeter Treatment – We treat the exterior perimeter of your home with a repellent spray to keep outdoor ant nests from moving inside.
  • Follow-Up Inspections – We schedule follow-up appointments as needed to ensure ants are gone for good.

Why Choose Us for Ant Extermination?

When dealing with persistent ant problems, it pays to have a professional pest control company on your side. Here are just some of the key reasons to choose House & Home Pest Control as your trusted ant exterminators in Dublin:

  • Experience – Our pest specialists have the extensive training and knowledge to target even difficult to reach ant colonies.
  • Effective Treatments – We use advanced chemicals and treatment methods proven to eliminate ant infestations at the source.
  • Guaranteed Results – We stand behind our ant control services and will come back for free until ants are gone.
  • Family & Pet Friendly – Our exterminators only use products registered as safe around people and pets when used properly.

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If you have ants in your home or business, contact the ant control experts at House & Home Pest Control today. Call or schedule an inspection online to get a customized ant treatment plan designed to eliminate these pests from your property for good.

We’re Not Happy, Until You’re Happy

Sometimes it can take several visits to totally eradicate these pests from your home – but why should you pay extra for every visit?

When you choose House and Home Pest Control, rest assured that no matter how many times we have to return, we’ll get the job done at the price quoted and with no hidden fees.

Once we place baits or traps, we’ll always return to ensure our pest control solution is working effectively.

Trust us to take care of your ant or silverfish problem in the most thorough and environmentally-sound way.

Contact us for a quote today.

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