Wasps at Home – Dealing with the Dangers

Mar 31, 2022 | Blog

Many people are fearful of wasps, and with good reason. Not only can wasps deliver a painful sting, they can also become aggressive if they feel threatened, causing them to swarm. If you’ve identified a wasp nest in or near your home, call House and Home Pest Control immediately to arrange specialist removal of the nest. Make sure to always ensure that any other people living in your home understand not to approach the nest or attempt to remove it!

Even if you’re not allergic to a wasp’s sting, repeated stings from multiple wasps can result in anaphylaxis, causing the body to go into shock. Immediate emergency care is needed for anaphylaxis to prevent serious illness and in rare cases, death.

Identifying a Wasps Nest

Wasps tend to make their nests in a hole or cavity within a wall. This can be in attics or within sheds. Their nests can vary in size, from as small as a golf ball, up to the size of a basketball. In some cases, as many as 10,000 wasps can inhabit a large nest, so it’s always important to stay well clear of a wasps’ nest if you see one.

If you’ve found a nest, make sure it’s actually a wasps’ nest and not a wild beehive! A wasps’ nest will usually be made up of the pulp from dead wood, often making it grey or light brown in colour, and circular in shape. A honeybee hive however usually has tell-tale hexagon shapes – it’s important to leave these nests alone as these pollinators are an important, yet critically endangered, part of the food chain!

Top Tips for Dealing with Wasps

It’s impossible to predict where a wasp colony will choose to build their nest, so early identification of a new nest is key. If you notice a humming sound or if you see a number of wasps frequenting your garden or close to your home, this could indicate that a wasps’ nest is nearby.

You should never attempt to remove aWasp Nestand certainly should never set fire to a nest in an attempt to destroy it. There are many cases of homeowners who have tried this and who have unfortunately set fire to their home.

If you suspect a wasp nest near your home, call us today at House and Home Pest Control for advice and to make an appointment for an inspection. We’ll ensure that the wasp nest is removed quickly to ensure the safety of your family and others living in your home.

Remember: Wasp nest removal should only ever be carried out by a qualified professional. Here at House and Home Pest Control, we are expertly trained in wasp nest removal. Using specialist equipment and protective clothing, we penetrate the nest and inject it with insecticide, killing the wasps in the nest over the next 24 hours.

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